EVE Token Info

The EVE Exchange token is an ERC20 token minted on Ethereum and bridged to Polygon for reduced fees and trading purposes. The platform's native utility token provides users with a number of incentives and benefits. Links to Token trackers: Etherscan Polyscan Whitepaper: Those interested to read the whitepaper can do so here Supply and Circulation Details: Total supply: 100,000,000 Total in circulation: 39,500,000 Total Burned: 500,000 - as of January,31,2023 Eve Token Utility: Eliminate fees: Users can pay for a monthly or yearly subscription with the EVE token, this token will remove all trading free across the entire platform. All fees are burned reducing supply.
Governance: EVE is a foundation managed by the community DAO, users can participate in the management and direction of the project.
Staking: Those who wish to participate in the governance process must stake EVE within the staking contract. Depositors earn APY on staked balances.
Trading Venues: Eve - Highest pair variety, across a number of price ranges. MEXC - Top 10 exchange, EVE Token trades against the USDT pair with market making provided by industry giant GSR.
Uniswap V3. EVE is available on Uniswap V.3 and is supported across a number of price ranges. Other DEX-based pairs may be available.