Getting Started

Eve Defi currently only supports a Meta Mask wallet connection, we plan to add others in the future. To connect to Eve take the following steps:
1. Load the polygon network into your Metamask account. If you're not familiar with how to do this please follow these instructions. Make sure you have Matic tokens to cover gas fees. 2. Click connect. 3. Your wallet is now connected to eve and ready to trade. Note on RPC: We highly suggest using it seems to be much faster. Please note:
If you plan to use the EVE Token to eliminate fees you will need to subscribe before making trades.
Any tokens you wish to trade must also be on the polygon network. You will need MATIC in your wallet to pay for gas fees. These are not charged by EVE but by the Polygon network. The fees are very low with most trades having a cost of cents. Please note if you are a subscriber you still must pay the polygon network fees.
Some centralized exchanges allow users to withdraw MATIC onto the polygon network, so this can be an easy and cost-effective method of tokens into your wallet without the need to bridge.