What is Eve DeFi Exchange?

Eve Exchange is an advanced decentralized trading protocol that facilitates the trading of options and advanced spot trading. The Eve Defi protocol was launched by the Eve Foundation as an entirely open-source protocol, which is community managed. Eve is subscription-based meaning users pay one fee per month for unlimited trading by using the EVE token. Users can also pay trading fees. The platform was audited by Solidity Finance and a copy of the audit can be found on their website.
What advantages does Eve offer?
Eve has a number of advantages and industry firsts! The trading experience is also somewhat different from what you might be used to. Here we discuss a few of them. Please note as of Jan 31st, 2023, only spot trading is live, however, other features will be available as per our roadmap. Live Features: Single-sided order book: Protects liquidity providers against impermanent loss, while eliminating front running.
Oracle-based pricing: Provides a fair pricing model which relies on the average price across markets rather than supply locked on the protocol.
Programmable spot trading: Set custom price ranges, vesting periods, discounts, and more.
No more trading fees: Eve is the only subscription-based DeFi exchange, in which users can pay one flat fee for unlimited trading, this alone can save our users thousands of dollars in trading fees. Coming soon: Options for any token: Eve provides fully collateralized options trading for any token. Liquidity providers can write options contracts for any ERC 20 token, enabling all projects to benefit from leveraged trading and risk mitigation strategies.
Lending Pool: The Eve lending pool provides flash loans to settle profitable options trades. Lenders can earn a high rate of return with zero risk. Compliant token sale: New projects can launch a token with built-in KYC, customized discounts, and vesting programs.